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How to Actively Listen and Not Just Think About GoDaddy Being Named GoDaddy

Annoying White American Thinking About Becoming Annoying White Canadian

How to Manifest a Dump-Truck Ass

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Can You Guess How Many Tampons Are Inside This Woman?

Why I Don’t Go to Therapy and Just Watch Frasier Re-Runs Instead

Why I’m Staying at Home Unless You Have a Boat

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Wow! Every Alcohol Affects This Woman Differently, But All Of Them Make Her Cry

Person You Don’t Know Has Their Instagram On Private???

Keurig Peeing!

I’m Not Like Other Girls, I’m Immunocompromised

The Only Ass This Woman is Eating is Pirate’s Booty

Well, Ruby Tuesday Really Hit The Spot For Dad

4 Adult Card Games That Are Fun But Not As Fun As If You All Just Fucked

How to Not Do a British Accent Whenever You Meet a British Person

Bralette Just a Fancy Training Bra???

Mom and Dad Met in a Kind of Creepy Way???

How To Save Money At The Farmer's Market By Just Walking Around Aimlessly With Your Tote Bag

Yikes! Boyfriend Identifying As ‘Gamer’ Now  

Mom Just Checking In To Make Sure You’re Not Vaping

I LIVED IT: I Thought I Could Pull Off Saying ‘Cheers!’

Boyfriend Squeezing Your Boobs To Try To Make You Feel Better

Girl Boss! This Woman Checks Her Gmail At The Club

QUIZ: How Old Is Your Niece Again?

6 Actors With Incredible—Oh, Crap, They’re Scientologists

OMG: These Taylor Swift Lyrics Might Have Just Revealed She Has Hemorrhoids

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Boyfriend’s Ugly Shoes Taking Toll on Relationship

Woman Running with Hair Down???

Dad Just Wants To Know If You Had To Pay For The Holes In Your Jeans

Wow! This Man Is Faceblind, Except for When It Comes to Hot People

How to Stay Humble Even Though People Are Looking At Your LinkedIn Profile

How to Establish Yourself As the Mom of the Friend Group by Breastfeeding the Whole Gang

You Can Own Meghan Markle’s Wardrobe! But Prince Harry Will Never Go Down on You

How to Be Taken Seriously When You Ate Soap and Now Bubbles Come Out Every Time You Talk

QUIZ: Should You Go To Bed or Start a Fight With Your Republican Aunt on Facebook?

Today’s Horoscope is Perfect for Justifying Your Bad Decisions

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How to Tell If You’re Gay by Kissing Me, OK? I Found a Quiet Spot Over Here

I Don’t Care If People Don’t Like Me, I Just Need a List of Who and Why Not


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