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Wednesdays 12:00 - 12:30pm CST

RECESS is a 30-minute guided creative practice. Designed to break up your work week and workday, Grace gives you permission to play and run with your imagination and emotions through non-interactive creative exercises.

ALL YOU NEED is a phone or computer to log onto the Google Meet and something to write with. Alternatively, you can take the prompts given and use this time to work on visual or tactile art! Headphones or a private, quiet space recommended as this workshop uses audio components.


"In the monotony and craziness of day to day work life, and life in general, RECESS served as a great opportunity to take a step back and get some creative juices flowing!"

"RECESS is the perfect way to break up my mundane work day and get creative and reflective! I left the session feeling lighter and sillier. I can't wait for the next!"

"Grace provides a relaxing environment to let your creativity flow. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious and inspiring and I look forward to attending more workshops led by her. She does a beautiful job on stage and, as I've come to find out, is also very talented at leading others in guided exercises to boost their skills as writers/creatives."

"RECESS provided a space and time opportunity for me to pause, breathe, and reflect. The topics and activities were undeniably engaging and allowing myself a brief respite granted me additional benefits."

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