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Dear reader, 

Omg. Thank you for wanting to know more about me. I am an enigma who currently resides in Chicago and bounces all over giving the people what they want...FUN!!!!!

I used to want to be a lawyer, and then I wanted to be a yoga instructor. And then I wanted to be a journalist! And then I wanted to be a lawyer again. But in the summer of 2018, I did my first open mic (it was actually very Carrie Bradshaw of me) and upon leaving the stage pulled my parents aside and said: "I'm moving to Chicago and I'm going to be a comedian." 

And a few months later, I did! Actually, I moved there the day after I opened for Ronny Chieng in Indianapolis. And I...quit standup. Lol. I didn't like bombing and I was petrified to be myself. Sooooo, I did improv and sketch and in 2021 I graduated from The Second City's Conservatory!!! I got the coolest t-shirt from that experience. 

The comedy scene looked and felt so different than it did pre-pandemic, and I found it a lot harder to get into a groove with a troupe. So, I turned back to standup, and I haven't stopped since? I've been having the time of my life? I've since discovered my authentic self and she's bananas?


Some of my fav highlights/achievements/moments the past couple years include: 

  • Opening for Sophie Buddle, Sydnee Washington, Carly Kane, Rima Parikh, Dwayne Kennedy, Chris Porter, Eddie Ifft, and Kevin James Thornton at Zanies Chicago and beyond 

  • Hosting Laugh Factory's "Open Mic with Grace Bahler" every Tuesday at 9:15pm

  • Producing Laugh Factory's "Headliners" every second Monday at 8:00pm

  • Writing 100+ headlines for Reductress 

  • Writing news-based jokes for the nationally-syndicated BOB & TOM Show 

  • Being voted "Best Host 2023" by The Comedy Gazelle 

  • Touring with T Barb as her feature act :)

  • Co-producing the coolest ever standup / burlesque show with Noe Noel, Strip Tease

  • Releasing my first ever standup special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

My ultimate dream is to just be myself. Preferably on television. 

PS — it's @verygracebahler on all platforms AND you can now subscribe to my monthly handwritten newsletter 

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